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We specialise in Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing, Container De-vanning – specialising in vehicles, Transit storage, Bonded warehouse, Transport of abnormal and lite cargo, Shipping, Verifying or cargo and independent inspections, unpacking of Containers, Assembly of cars if disassembling was necessary when the cars were packed, Mechanical repairs to vehicles if needed.

We also specialists in the following: Customs clearing of vehicles through the local authority – SARS – South African Revenue Service, Department of Customs and Excise.

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9/11 University road
Imperial Office Park
Unit 3
Durban, South Africa

Tel no: +27 31 266 0859
Fax: +27 31 266 0855
General Info: info@avecs.co.za

Shipping info & Arrival Notices: portinfo@avecs.co.za

Dispatching of Vehicles: dispatch@avecs.co.za

Transportation Schedules: trans@avecs.co.za

* Clearing, Forwarding & Warehousing

* Container De-vanning (vehicles)

* Transit storage

* Bonded warehouse

* Transport (abnormal & lite cargo)

* Shipping

* Cargo & independent inspections